Certified Apache Spark Instructor

Before joining Databricks as a principal data science contractor, Ali was a Senior Big Data Consultant within AWS Professional Services where he helped fortune 500 companies with their architectures to take advantage of the benefits of the cloud, including massive scalability, data analytics (machine learning), data security and governance, and fault tolerance and high performance.
Previously, he was a data miner at Pearson and prior to that a principal DSP software engineer at Polycom. He is currently a PhD researcher, exploring Exabyte Scale Reduction using Randomized Singular Value Decomposition (RSVD).


Ali has deep expertise in machine learning and data engineering. It has been a pleasure working with him to train and solve the problems of many of Databricks' most important customers.

Andy Konwinski

Founder, VP Services and Education. Databricks, Inc.

Ali gave a 3-day Apache Spark training to my team, focused on machine learning implementation. The primary audience was experienced software engineers, machine learning scientists and data SMEs. I liked the way Ali maintained an excellent balance between core software engineering aspects from big data perspective, deep dives into mathematics behind machine learning algorithms and practical implementation techniques to enhance productivity. My team and I gained a lot from his training.

Aamer Charania

Director, Big Data & Machine Learning. Humana, Inc.

I had the great fortune of attending technical instruction by Mr. Benamara. The course was a 3-day Apache Spark/Machine Learning class. The material we covered was well organized and delivered in a way that kept my attention. I was very impressed by Mr. Benamara’s breadth of experience, background, and association with several highly respected IT companies that are leading today’s technology growth. Mr. Benamara’s knowledge of and skills in Spark, Machine Learning, java, mathematics, and statistical reasoning, make him a very well-rounded intellectual and technologist. Ali has a terrific personality and his anecdotes were amusing. Most of all, his relationship with his students is outstanding. Every one of us walked out of class with great anticipation for the following day. As a student, being captivated by the material and the opportunity to learn is the greatest gift received via the Instructor. Mr. Benamara is the perfect type of Teacher.

Jean A. Myers

Associate, Booz Allen Hamilton Inc.

Ali delivered the Data Science with Apache Spark 2.x course at Spark Summit Europe 2016 and Spark Summit East 2017. I was a Teaching Assistant on both of his classes. Ali gave very professional and polished training sessions on both occasions. His knowledge of Data Science and Apache Spark also meant that he confidently answered student questions. He also maintained good time-keeping, and kept a good flow throughout the training.

Akmal Chaudhri

Technical Evangelist, GridGain Systems

I've worked with Mr. Benamara on Spark and machine learning and he's absolutely a pro!

Adam Breindel

Consultant/Instructor/Dev/Arch/Author: Big Data, Deep Learning

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